KRAIL has established new rules for the gambling business


The Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries of Ukraine (KRAIL) has published the country's first rules for responsible gambling. The regulations strictly regulate a number of aspects of the operation of operators in the local gambling industry.

The rules define responsible provisions on gambling for companies in the new market after Ukraine passed a bill last year to legalize a wide range of gambling verticals.

Among the accepted norms, there is a serious limitation on bonuses for existing players. Thus, according to the document, operators “are obliged to refrain from providing players with any bonus payments and/or rewards with goods and services as incentive measures, the provision of which is directly or indirectly related to the client's losses in a particular game.”

In other words, from now on, gambling companies will not be able to offer a bonus to their visitors or give it away, because they lost money in the entertainment process. In addition, all players should be able to independently exclude and set deposit limits. Users should also be entitled to take into account the amount of time they spent at gambling tables or slot machines.

KRAIL also requires all operators operating within the Ukrainian jurisdiction to train their employees to recognize possible signs of gambling addiction. a particular casino or bookmaker client.

However, the development of the legal gambling industry in Ukraine is hampered by problems in the Tax Code. In February of this year, the legislative committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine put forward for a vote the bill 2713-d, which sets tax rates at 10% of gross income for all verticals of this business. However, parliamentarians have not yet voted for this initiative. According to Darren Keane, Executive Director of Storm International, this circumstance will not allow Ukraine to receive a sufficient volume of foreign investment.

Let us remind you that Ukraine has launched a “stop list” of citizens who are prohibited from entering gambling establishments.

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