Legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine has become an incentive for the development of business activity – expert


The head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, Anton Kuchukhidze, spoke in his interview about one of the main advantages of legalizing the gambling business in Ukraine. According to the expert, the withdrawal of the gambling sphere from the “shadow” to the official plane will stimulate the development of business activity in the country and attract foreign investment.

An important step towards de-shadowing this industry was the holding of the first Ukrainian gambling exhibition since 2009 called “Gaming Industry”. According to Kuchukhidze, as a result of organizing this event, Ukraine became the fifth country in the Old World where such events were held.

He noted that the exhibition, which was attended by the head of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) Ivan Rudy and First Deputy of the Advisory and Expert Council of KRAIL Boris Baum, products and services of operators from 11 countries were presented. This indicator for Ukraine is “PR”, the functionary is sure.

“Backstage communication with representatives of Western business has once again confirmed their interest in the Ukrainian jurisdiction. However, they cannot determine their strategy until the tax issue is resolved. Large operators are following the development of our market, but there are certain legislative barriers. The imminent adoption of new tax rates can move the solution to this problem off the ground and fill the budget with foreign investments, “Anton Kuchukhidze is sure.

According to the expert, the” Gaming Industry “has become a catalyst for the development of a constructive dialogue between the state and representatives of the gambling business. Earlier, according to the head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, there were no such contacts, since state institutions “did not fully understand the consequences” of the law on legalizing the gambling industry adopted last summer.

Recall that the Kiev Billionaire casino in its first month work earned 7 million hryvnia.

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